The RCT sites archive

In the early 2000s, the internet was brimming with RCT sites. Sadly, many of them have gone under. This project aims to restore as much of it as possible and make them accessible.

For completeness’ sake, this also lists sites that were backed up and reupload by other people, as well as sites that are still online.

Special thanks to the Wayback Machine, Sambo and rcthelp from RCTspace and the original creators of the websites.

If you are interested, I have written a page that explains how and why this archive came to be.

List of sites

Official - v1 (1999-2002)

The first official website for RCT. Contained goodies such as “Evolution of RCT” and the first version of the Alton Towers and Fort Anachronism scenarios as DLC (later bundled with Loopy Landscapes). In 2002, the site was stripped back. Later that year, it would get replaced with a new twin-site setup for RCT1 and RCT2. For most of its existence, the Ride Exchange was not functional. This would only be fixed again after the relaunch.

Link: - v2 (2002-?)

Part of a twin-site setup with RCT2. The site was given the same layout as the RCT2 one and the Ride Exchange was made functional again.
In the available copy, the Ride Exchange is not yet functional. I have obtained a copy of (supposedly) all rides, which should be made available in due course.

Link: - (2002-2007)

The official website for RCT2. Contained ports of scenarios from RCT1 and some additional DLC such as the pink water and Panda theming, along with the Panda World scenario.



Amazing Earl (2004-now)

Run by Dan Wolfe, and famous for being one of the first content creators to create real rides. Moved to RCTspace at the end of the 2000s.


Buggy’s RCT download page

One of the first people to find out how to add scenery and rides. Also collaborated with Amazing Earl.


Fossil’s Dig Site

Originally a separate site, but was hosted by RCT*Mart until that went off the air.


Greg’s Coaster Stuff

By Greg Wolking, most notable for being the author of the RCT Track Decoder program, which is used in the RCTSpace Ride Exchange. Link:


Creator of the incredibly popular 8 cars per trainer.



The website of Tim Fort, who passed away in 2017. Restored from the Web Archive. Some images are missing, unfortunately.


New Element

Forum with high-quality parks and a large collection of objects.

Link: (2002-now)

Origin of the RCTspace forums. Also contained general information about RCT2 and also a feature on RollerCoaster Rider. Created by rcthelp.



Created by Maurine, Mama Bear, Jo and Charlene. Contains a lot of custom content but also scenarios. Sadly, Mama Bear passed away in 2016. The site was briefly gone, but was reuploaded in 2017 by Maurine.


RCTgo (2004-now)

A fan site with a forum and lots of user-uploaded content. Still online and active.


RCT*Mart (200?-2016)

A forum with a lot of content, as well as bananas. This went offline in 2016. Restoration is a work in progress, but the download self-checkout works. This also includes the UCES download.

Link: (2004-now)

A forum that included most of the stars of the community in the 2000s. For most of its existence, it was run by Sambo and rcthelp. Has a lot of downloadable content, now available to everyone.


RollerCoaster Tycoon Wiki (2005-now)

Exactly what is says on the tin. Moved to its current location in 2021.


Room with a view (2002-now)

Created by Boomer. It contains a lot of interviews with important people in the RCT community.


Technical Information Depot (200?-now)

Run by Doctor J, who managed to find out a lot about the file formats of RCT and documented it all. The site moved to RCTSpace in the 2010s.



Famous for creating variations of objects already in the game, like corner pieces for roofs, brick base blocks and more things like that.



User Created Expansion Set. A collaboration of several creators.